Freak Athletics Complete Vertical Jump System Free

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By the way, if you would like to increase your vertical jump by at least 9-15+ inches, continue reading. There is a program highly recommended for that.

Video Transcript

Freak Athletics Complete Vertical Jump System Free

hey what’s up pep nation you see that wait boy hey

we get that money today baby we got after it linear speed vertical power production

i can’t wait for you guys to get this workout let’s go so to start off

we did our hurdle mobility series really just because we’re doing that linear speed work we want to make sure that we’re nice and open

we have a lot of good active range of motion and also the heart rate is going up every single hurdle mobility series exercise that we did

we combined that with something that just got the heart rate up just a little bit of jogging a little bit and moving [Music] after we did our herder mobility series went on and did some glute activation so the two exercises here

we did some side steps just making sure that those glute media activated and then some single leg abductions again trying to get the glute me to stabilize that strong side knee after our glute activation just like every single linear speed day that we’re going to be doing in this program we went through our wall series just making sure that the hips are active feet are active everything’s getting going in the right position so

we went through a single leg piston step a single leg wall pull through we also went through a single leg quick switch just to make sure that those fast switch muscle fibers are firing in the hip and the ankles and the glutes and finally

we did a pull through with a piston step [Music] after the wall series went and did our arm mechanics just does 50 75 and 100 for about 10 seconds each with one knee down you want to make sure that you’re getting both knees get those arms nice and ready for the sprints that we’re about to do okay so in our sprint workout today we’ve got two exercises really focused on pushing the ground away from

you getting some quick fast and powerful acceleration steps as well the first exercise that we did was a sled drag

you want to make sure that you’re sprinting with it the second exercise that we did was just a straight 20 meter max sprint effort okay guys on to the bit that we’ve been waiting for as well here’s our french contrast method training for our vertical jump our vertical power production so our first exercise was a heavy trap bar deadlift

you want to make sure that you’re still moving this pretty fast as you’re lifting after that we went into our power exercise with our body weight so it was a high depth jump really trying to get that slow stretch shortening cycle working

you want to think about pushing off the ground as hard as you can over the hurdle and trying to get those legs to follow through went back to our speed lift so that was the trap bar jump shae absolutely hit the numbers on this one

we were hitting 1.5 meters per second so if you don’t know that’s super fast and that’s exactly where

we want to be training if you don’t have push just go ahead and rip it and grip it make sure

you reset every single rep after our track bar jump we were thinking about quick ground contact time so now it’s a low box into a box jump so

you want to do the depth jump off that box think about the floor is lava i’m trying to get off it as quick as possible and then straight onto the box so quickly if you’re wondering why we’re doing so much stuff that isn’t assisted as is in normal french contrast training for that last exercise we haven’t done a lot of work using the arms and utilizing them in vertical power production so for this series we’re going to make sure that

we are able to use the arms because they give

you that little edge that you might be looking for in your vertical power production all right guys on to our accessories this one’s really about working through the strength of the ankle knee and hip joint while also working the core so

we started off with the front foot elevated split squat stance pal-off press and then you’re going to go ahead and take the same band that used for the pallof press and then we’re going to go into a kneeling calf raise again front foot elevated really working through the ankle joint while the knee is bent which is something that we don’t typically see in a lot of programs but it’s something that’s so important for athletic development finally

we went and grabbed the dumbbells we want to do a reverse lunge all on the same leg into a lateral raise then we’re going to go ahead and switch legs and do the same thing over on the other side and finally

we just wanted to give you guys just that little bit more every step every rep

we want to make sure that we’re getting it right just that little more for you guys we’re doing a push-up series so

you got five minutes you want to do the push-up to the leg crossover five each side push up to the advanced groiner five each side and then you’re going to go push up to the reach overhead that

you see five each side you’ve got five minutes you want to go through as many rounds as

you can let us know how you guys got on okay guys that was an awesome workout like

i said i’m super excited for this vertical power production my vertical jump has a little something in my heart it’s always got a special place i absolutely love this workout

we got after it hope you guys are too let’s get straight and ready for the [Music] next


Freak Athletics Complete Vertical Jump System Free

Vert Shock Training Course DVD, It can be used for Freak Athletics Complete Vertical Jump System FreeVert-Shock is the #1 jump program in the world and the only proven three-step jump program that can add at least 9 to 15 plus inches to your vertical jump in as few as 8 weeks.

It’s a digital system that doesn’t require you to do weird stretches or invasive surgery to add a couple of inches to your height.

Instead, it focuses on specific exercises and techniques, the same ones used by the pros to get fast, explosive jumps.

The system is 100% safe and is designed to work for anyone, regardless of height, age, genetics and athletic skills. So, if you’re ready to slam some killer dunks, here’s what you can expect from the world’s best jump program.

What is Vert-Shock?

Imagine having one-on-one training with the world’s #1 dunker in the world who has also broken several high jump records with pro basketball player who has trained with some of the best trainers in the world. Well, that’s precisely what you get with Vert-Shock, only in digital format.

The online training is provided to you by Adam Folker, professional basketball player and trainer, and the information is infused with the techniques used by both Adam and the #1 dunker in the world, Justin “Just Fly” Darlington.

But what does that training consist of?

This comprehensive system provides you with all the techniques, training, charts, trackers and information needed to improve your vertical jump and to learn how to slam some nasty dunks.

You receive video tutorials, tips, and much more. More importantly, everything you get from Vert-Shock has been proven to add at least 9 to 15 plus inches to your vertical jump in as few as 8 weeks.

The program is highly focused on a three-phase process that targets your fast twitch fibers which are Type 2 B fibers that are responsible for creating those fast, explosive jumps you see from the pros.

The best part? As long as you have a tech device/internet access (which you do because you’re here reading this), you have access to the program whenever and wherever you are. Vert-Shock is entirely online, so instead of paying and waiting for shipping, you receive immediate access as soon as you purchase.

Then, you just download the program onto your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, or you can choose to access it online – just make sure you bookmark the login page so you don’t forget it. And more importantly, so you can quickly access the exercise videos and three-phase process and much more whenever and wherever you go.

Additionally, the program is guaranteed to transform your talent from below the rim all the way up to the top of the rim as you throw down a nasty dunk. You receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee which gives you two months to try the program and to improve your vertical jump beyond what you ever thought was possible.

And considering you can add at least 9 to 15 plus inches to your vertical jump in less than 8 weeks, you have more than enough time to see results before the guarantee is up. But seriously, once you learn how to throw down some dunks, there’s no way you’ll want to go backward, and back to being below the rim.

Adam Folker creator of Vert Shock program holding a Basketball

Overview of Vert-Shock

Vert-Shock is a comprehensive program that provides you with professional training and techniques that target your fast twitch fibers – the same fibers that allow for explosive jumps.

The program comes with step-by-step instructions, exercise videos, a ton of epic information, vertical jump trackers, charts and pretty much everything you need to take your game from under the rim to slamming nasty dunks. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s a look at some of the topics and techniques covered in the program:

    1. Overview
    2. Vert Shock of the Month + Monthly Giveaway
    3. How to Read the Workouts
      1. Why Vert Shock Works
    4. Quick Start Guide
      1. Step 1: Measure Your Current Vertical Jump (every 4 weeks)
      2. Step 2: Learn The Movements
      3. Step 3: Get Started
      4. Do your exercises on a moderately soft surface
      5. Do not train when you are hurt
      6. Consult a physician before starting
      7. Always complete your Dynamic warm up
      8. Take the prescribed rest
    5. Pre-Shock Phase
      1. Video
      2. Tips
    6. Shock Phase
      1. Video
      2. Tips
    7. Post-Shock Phase
      1. Video
      2. Tips
    8. Visualization
      1. The Workout
    9. Vert Tracker
    10. Maintenance Program
    11. Complex Training Techniques
      1. Testing Your Vertical Jump + Chart
      2. Vertical Jump 2-Day Regime
    12. Exercise Videos

You also receive some bonuses for absolutely free which further strengthen your knowledge and vertical jump regime, which are:

    • Bonus: 4 Vertical Jump Killers
    • Bonus: 5 Dirty Secrets to Jumping Higher
    • Bonus: Jumpers Diet Checklist
    • Bonus: Instant Jump Hacks eBook
    • Bonus: The Power Leak Fix for Overnight Hops
    • Bonus: Olympic High Jump Hacks Revealed
    • Bonus: The Slingshot Secret to Instantly Jump Higher

Vert Shock Training Course all DVDs, It can be used for Freak Athletics Complete Vertical Jump System Free

About the Developer:

Justin “Just Fly” Darlington and Adam Folker are the creators of Vert-Shock. You likely recognize their name since Justin was named #1 dunker in the world on several occasions, has broken several high jump records and trains NBA players to improve their vertical jumps.

Justin “Just Fly” Darlington

Adam Folker played professional basketball with University of California and now, he works with some of the best trainers in the as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Adam Folker and Kobe Bryant


  • 100% for self-learning
    You are not going to need any coaches or specialists to aid you with the program.
  • It’s all about jumping!
    It focuses only on that. This is not a technical class, just an easy-to-follow program that will help you jump higher, with the best technique possible.
  • It is easy to follow.
    Most programs fail because they don’t think about helping you stick to them. This program has community accountability, trackers, and emails to help you. More importantly, the benefits are easily measured.
  • Amazing video examples
    The HD videos feature precise explanations and representations of every move. Also, they can be played in slow-motion so you can completely catch every frame of the exercises.
  • Supporting community
    There is an exclusive member platform where you can interact with other players like you who are trying to improve their vertical jumps. This also gives you another opportunity to ask questions about the program and have it answered by another member.


  • It takes discipline
    You need to be determined and fully committed if you are going to make it through the program to the end.
  • Mostly for beginners
    This product may not be very beneficial for people who have a vertical jump of 40” and above.

Conclusion: Freak Athletics Complete Vertical Jump System Free

Vert-Shock is the #1 jump program in the world, and I can see why. It’s a comprehensive system that teaches you specific techniques that target the very parts of your body that are responsible for explosive jumps, your fast twitch fibers.

The system is easy to understand and to complete, but don’t be mistaken, you have to put in the work to see some improvement. At least with this system, you’ll be putting in the work in areas that are proven to tackle your goals, which are, of course, to improve your vertical jump and to slam some nasty dunks.

The program is designed to work for anyone, any height, any age, any skill level, and any fitness level. So, no matter who you are, you can take your game above the rim. And hey, you get two months to try it with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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